In the jungle, THE MIGHTY JUNGLE, ESN has its third official cantus Friday night!!

▶What ?
This cantus will be Animal themed! Come drink and experience the local tradition with us and dress up as your favorite (or least favorite) animal. ANYTHING GOES. It could be a damn python, Siberian snow leopard, an octopus, whatever you may choose.
Everyone HAS to come dressed up, the one with the best costume wins a prize of course: 5 coupons + free entrance for our next party.

At Recup (Tiensestraat 51)

Friday, 24th November. Doors open at 20:00. Lo vivat at 20:30.
Make sure to be on time!

€13 for ESN members
€15 for non-ESN members
Prices included all drinks.

Make sure to get your tickets as soon as possible as space is limited. Cheers!

24/11/2017 - 20:30