ESN Leuven comes up with a new event as the cold season officially starts! Friday, the 16th of December, we’ll be dancing ON ICE! (or at least we'll try). Under the disco lights you can skate (or dance, if your skills are sufficient) with your friends while the music will play!

Because the track is located outside the center of Leuven (+/- 3km) there will be 2 ways for you to get there. You can either go by bus or by bike, departing both from Pangaea. For more information see section TRANSPORT below.

Are you wondering what Disco Ice Skating actually means? Check out this video!

- Get together at 6:40 PM in front of Pangaea.
- Bus tickets are not included in the ticket!

How to get a busticket:
Option 1): text ‘DL’ to 4884, this costs €2 and gives you a valid bus ticket for 1 hour.
Option 2): buy a ticket at the bus itself, this costs €3 and is valid for 1h.

- To get back by bus, there are possibilities to leave at the track at 21:00, 21:24, 21:37, 21:55. We will take the bus of 21:00h in group. For all the buses later you will have to walk about 1.5 kilometer to reach the bus stop.

- Come together at 6:50 PM in front of Pangaea
- Leave whenever you want.

16/12/2016 - 18:45
6 € members | 7 € non-members
  • Everyone is invited.