ESN Leuven is not only good for lots of fun, but also commited to the good cause. This is why we will organize a free brunch for all international students coming to Leuven. Accomodating with another country, and going through all those introduction sessions is sure exhausting - so refuel while enjoying some breakfast goodness :)

And that is not all! While the brunch is free, you're very welcome to make a contribution of whatever you think its worth. We will donate a 100% of the collected money to "vluchtelingenwerk", the Flemish organization that helps refugees (

Be there and make a difference, for your own and others best!

Coffee, Tea, Eggs, Ham, Cheese, Jam...and lots of other students to talk to!

Pangaea Lounge, Andreas Vesaliusstraat 34

Doors will be open from 10 AM

09/02/2018 - 10:00