Do you like being in Leuven? Do you want to make an impression on people that will stay long after you’re gone? This is your chance!
At ESN we strive to make your Erasmus experience as fun as it can possibly be. Now we’d like to have your support to give something back by helping out on all kinds of social projects in Leuven. That is what Social Erasmus is all about! Be inspired by the video of last year given in the bottom of the page, and continue reading!

This is why ESN Leuven organises an infosession to tell you more about what we have planned for the SocialErasmusweek. There will be given more info on our Erasmus in Schools project, a visit to an animal shelter and volunteering in a food kitchen for a day. The food kitchen and the visit to the animal shelter are new volunteering projects that we’re launching this year.

After the info event that will last about 30 minutes you’ll have the chance to chat with the people of the projects workgroup and find out what else they can do for you. On top of an amazing and important experience we also hand out a certificate to reward our volunteers and you’ll be able to score the occasional free drink after one of our events! Hope to see lots of you at the infosession!

07/11/2016 - 19:30