You think that holidays in Leuven are boring? We agree!
But does that mean that ESN Leuven takes time off because they have no events? You couldn't be more wrong! Before & during the Easter break we've been and are still working even harder to present you guys this! The 6 DAYS OF ESN MADNESS, starting the Friday after the holidays.

Friday 24/04 Salcazzo Vol. XVII - What's your favourite TV show?​
Our best friends, Salcazzo Leuven​, are organizing one next awesome party: "Salcazzo Vol. XVII - What's your favourite TV show?". This time, to celebrate our beloved cooperation, ESN Leuven donates the second Archief room for free so that we can all have an awesome night! Special deal for ESN Members (with card): €1 Tequila shot, limited offer.

Saturday 25/04 ESN Leuven goes Wakeboarding​ + Int. Saturdays
We're not all about partying, we can have fun by doing sports as well. Wakeboarding will take place on the second madness day! We don't need snow to board, as long as you have a motorboat and a decent amount of water. :) In the evening the ESN Leuven bar will be reopened for another unforgettable night at 't Archief​. In the back we will serve really really really really really cheap cocktails, being Caipirissima (Rum based) & Caipiroska (Vodka based).

Sunday 26/04 ESN Leuven & KOCO Int. go to Zythos Beerfestival with a Belgian Lunch​
The event you've all been waiting for: Belgium's finest beer festival with over 500 different Belgian beers to taste. ESN Leuven will, together with Koco International​, first take you to a Belgian lunch: Bicky burgers with BELGIAN fries. When your stomach is ready we head to the festival to try as many beers as you can. (Getting drunk @ own risk)

Monday 27/04 ESN Leuven goes to King's Day - Amsterdam
Belgium is a rather small country, meaning we have a lot of connections with our neighbor countries. On Monday we'll be going for culture abroad! In the Netherlands the people will celebrate "Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands" on King's day. We'll take the responsibility to get you there and back.

Tuesday 28/04 Double Day Cantus: Classy & Trashy
We all know that all of you dig our canti, yes that is the plural form of 'cantus', always selling out 75 spots in only 3 minutes... We said our last one was the one on the 3rd of April. Well, we decided to organize two more, but only for the dedicated souls among you. Why? Cause both of them will be in the afternoon, the first 'classy' one even starting at noon sharp, the second 'trashy' one at 4pm. Only 40 spots per cantus, so be quick!

Wednesday 29/04 Big Splash 2015​
After all this awesomeness, craziness & madness, we count on you to represent ESN Leuven at one of Leuven's biggest student events. We will show the locals that internationals can throw water balloons the best! Wear as little clothes as possible or at least stuff that can get wet and throw those balloons!