Probably you’ve heard Belgians talking about these weird singing meetings drinking beer  as if the world were about to end. It's obvious that you can't leave Leuven without having seen what a cantus is. Unfortunately, you know that it is a bit complicated to organize meetings at the moment (corona stuff, blablabla). But don't panic, ESN Leuven has the solution: Meet us on December 12th on zoom for a live cantus.
The Io vivat will sound at 20.30 sharp. Don't forget your headgear if you have it and if not, bring your joy and your reusable cup and of course loots of beeeer (or sangria or another drink).

Saturday, the 12th of December
'Doors' opening: 8 PM
IO VIVAT (start of the cantus): 8.30 PM
FREE (Provide your own beers or sangria)
Be on time!!! Arriving late = traditional cantus punishment

Zoom link will be sent by email and posted in this event.

Facebook event:

One of Leuven’s oldest and proudest student traditions is a unique drinking event that goes by the name of “cantus”. A cantus consists of singing songs and drinking beer… lots of it. It is split into three parts and follows specific rules. If you do not follow these rules you will be punished! Not to scare you though, cantusses are a ton of fun and a wonderful opportunity to bond with fellow students. While most traditional Belgian cantusses mostly consist of singing Dutch-speaking songs, the ones ESN organizes uses mostly the English speaking ones as well as incorporating many pop songs.
This kind of event is really a must for every student in Belgium, so don't miss out! There are only a few of them every semester and the spots are very limited.

Our cantusses are done with our own codex! this will be shared later with you. You could use it on your phone or you could print it! (printshop can make proper booklets)
Cantus will be done through Zoom so please ensure that your pc or laptop can run Zoom. If joining with your cuddle contact, just one registration per duo is sufficient. Cantusses with more than 2 people together is unfortunately not allowed. If you're together with more than 2 people, you will be removed from the Zoom call."

12/12/2020 - 20:00
  • Everyone is invited.