We organise weekly sport sessions for internationals. While KU Leuven and UCLL offers a diverse selection of sports for students, the teamsport classes are often too crowded and the participants and trainers speak mostly Dutch, which can make them unappealing for international students.

To offer an alternative for international students and to anyone who prefers a more international environment, ESN Leuven organises weekly sessions for football, volleyball and basketball. These sessions are completely free, but you do need to have a sports card to participate (though you can show your appreciation by coming to our other events or buying our ESNcard). We also do hikes all around Leuven regularly. 


ESN Leuven also participates in the IFB (Inter Faculty Cup), a yearly cup in which the KU Leuven faculty student associations compete against each other. The ESN Leuven team represents the international students in Leuven. We have teams for football (indoors and outdoors), volleyball (for men and women), and basketball.


Finally, ESN Belgium organizes an annual championship between the 18 Belgian ESN sections (ESN Leuven being one of them), with the winners qualifying for the International Erasmus Games (IEG) to represent ESN Belgium. The IEG is organized in a different country every year, the latest iteration being in Paris, France in 2019. In 2020 it was to take place in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, but unfortunately, it had to be cancelled due to coronavirus. For this competition we also nominate and team in football, volleyball and basketball.


If you want to join our weekly sports session, hikes or IFB teams (all genders can join), send an email to sports@esnleuven.be and we will send you more information. You can also join our Facebook groups for football, volleyball and basketball.




We also have whatsapp groups for going hiking and fitness togeteher.

FInally, we also try to organise interesting sporting events like ice skating and wall climbing, like us on Facebook to stay up to date about our upcoming events.