ESN Leuven: Our Team

ESN Leuven consists of a Board of Directors, a Daily Board, work group members and regular volunteers

The Board of Directors (BoD) keeps a financial and operational oversight of ESN. Furthermore, the BoD creates and maintains all legal documents and represents ESN Leuven to third parties. Organisation of the General Meeting also falls under their responsibility.

The Daily Board is responsible for the daily working of the organisation. The board members try to improve the lives of incoming Erasmus students by organising a variety of activities. 

Work group members and regular volunteers: see below

Work Group Members

A workgroup supports a board member in his or her duties.

What do we expect from you?

  • Attending the work group meetings in order to organise activities
  • Helping out at bigger events (i.d. taking a shift at parties)
  • Attending the General Meeting (once a semester)
  • Showing up at team building activities
  • Contributing to the open international atmosphere of the organization


You are...


  • Interested in the international community
  • A team player
  • Responsible
  • Interested in the activities corresponding to the Work Group you are in


You get...


  • A great experience
  • A discount at our events
  • Team buildings
  • A guaranteed spot in events with limited spots


Work Group

Type of Activities

Social Activities

Parties, cantuses


Weekend trips (to Amsterdam, Paris...) and day trips abroad (Kings' day, Carnaval in Maastricht...)

Cultural Activities

Day trips to different Belgian cities, bring-and-share dinners...


Communication on various social media platforms and contribute to giving us a nice brand image


A variety of sports evens and trainings (basketball, volleyball, football and running sessions). ESN teams are formed and most of these compete in interfaculty competitions and ESN games.


A brunch, karaoke, quiz... organised in order to collect money for charity


Responsible for collaborations with our local commercial partners. Thanks to these partnerships, our ESN cardholders receive great discounts with the local partners in Leuven































Regular Volunteers

  • Less responsibilities
  • Help out when you can (mostly taking shifts at events)
  • Guaranteed spot in events can be earned
  • Team buildings





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If you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us by email or on social media (