• What can I do at the ESN office?
    • You can always get tickets for our events or learn more about them, have a chat with the board members, and buy yourself an ESNcard!
  • What is an ESNcard?
    • The ESNcard is a membership card offered by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), primarily aimed at international students and young people involved in academic mobility programs. It is designed to support international students during their period of study abroad. It offers various discounts and benefits both locally and internationally.
  • Where can I get an ESNcard?
    • It is purchased from the local ESN section at the university or city where the student is studying, in this case from Pangaea located in the Social Sciences Faculty of KU Leuven. The process involves filling out a form and paying a small fee of 15 euros. Additionally, you can always buy your ESNcard online from the following link.
  • Can you help me with housing in Leuven?
    • ESN provides various resources and guidance for international students seeking accommodation. While we don't directly offer housing, we can definitely point you in the right direction. You can find some of the resources provided on our website under the Accommodation Section.
  • What kind of event do you organise?
    1. ​​Cultural Events: These include local city tours, visits to museums and historical sites, language exchange sessions, and cultural nights where students can share their own traditions and learn about others.
    2. Social Gatherings: We host regular social events such as international dinners, movie nights, parties, and cantuses, which are great opportunities for students to meet and interact.
    3. Educational Workshops and Seminars: These events focus on skill development, and informative seminars on topics like local customs, academic practices, or career development.
    4. Sports and Outdoor Activities: We organize sports events, hiking trips, and other outdoor adventures to promote a healthy lifestyle and explore the local environment.
    5. Volunteering and Community Service: We also engage in community service projects and volunteering opportunities to give back to the local community and foster a sense of social responsibility.
  • Is ESN Leuven only for Erasmus students?
    • Not really, our events are open to everyone who wants to join! This includes local students, international students who are here for the whole degree, etc.
  • How can I stay up to date with all your events?
    • You can always be a part of our general WhatsApp group where we daily share all the upcoming events. Additionally, you can follow us on Facebook or Whatsapp! Links are available in the Section About Us -> Follow Us
  • Can I volunteer for ESN Leuven?
    • Definitely! All you need to do is send an email to our Vice-President and let her explain to you what it means to be a part of ESN Leuven!
  • Can I still join the events if I don’t have an ESN card?
    • Of course! Although in some cases (If the event is a paid one) ticket prices might differ depending on whether you have an ESNcard or not.