ESN Leuven consists of a Board of Directors, a Daily Board,  and many other volunteers. We make a distinction for this latter group between regular volunteers and workgroup members.

What is a workgroup and how do you become a member?
A workgroup supports a board member in his or her responsibilities.
The working groups are trips, social activities, partnerships, sports, communication, cultural activities and projects.

  • Trips organizes weekends to the Ardennes, Cologne, Amsterdam ... in short, mainly weekend trips and sometimes also daytrips at home and abroad.
  • Social activities organizes parties, cantuses and related events (eg a beer pong tournament).
  • Partnerships is responsible for cooperations with our local commercial partners. Thanks to these partnerships, our ESN cardholders receive great discounts with the local partners in Leuven. Partnerships also maintains contacts with our partners.
  • Sports organizes a variety of sports events (Sports day, start to Zumba, etc..) and trainings (basketball, volleyball, football, and running sessions). ESN teams are formed and most of these compete in interfaculty competitions.  This year there are plans to host national preliminaries in Leuven for an international competition for Erasmussers from all over Europe!
  • Communications ensures that everyone knows what we do and when: they take care of our communication on various social media and contribute to giving us a nice brand image.
  • Culture organizes all sorts of activities that touch on the (social) cultural aspect, such as museum visits, bring-and-share dinners and the like.
  • Projects is responsible for the local implementation of the various projects that have been recorded at the international level of ESN, such as ExchangeAbility, Responsible Party and SocialErasmus. Most of their events also try to collect a penny for charity (a brunch, a karaoke, quiz).

If you are interested in joining a workgroup, please send which workgroups you would like to join (if possible a top 3) to with a brief motivation letter and (if possible) a resume. Also state whether you will be a student in Leuven next year or not and whether you would like to stand as a candidate for a board position. No worries: neither has a decisive influence in the further course of recruitment.

Benefits of becoming a workgroup member

As a workgroup member you can enjoy many benefits: you get significant discounts at our own events, you can participate in our awesome teambuildings, enjoy a kind of early bird registration at the events, and finally get a lot of things for free. But of course it is also very nice to do and you will meet nice people from home and abroad!


In turn we have a number of basic expectations for workgroup members. For example, you are present at the General Meeting and preferably come to as many team buildings as possible from ESN Leuven. You will also attend the meetings and team building of your own workgroup. Moreover, all workgroup members assist in the large activities (which means de facto: taking shifts at our parties).

It is important to know that a substantial part of ESN Leuven events takes place on weekends and mainly on Friday evenings. If you structurally have other obligations on Friday evening (meetings of the youth movement, training) it is not easy to become a workgroup member, but everything can be discussed.

What does it mean to be a regular volunteer?

In addition to being a working group member, you can also be a 'separate volunteer', which we call regular volunteers. You decide on a case-by-case basis whether you want to participate in certain events if there is a demand for extra helping hands. If you want to be more involved, we advise you to join a workgroup!